Citizen AT4011-57L watch

=Citizen at4011-57l=

As the company has yet to produce a strap big enough to match around a person’s chest, that hasn’t stopped Citizen watches from being “close towards the hearts of people everywhere.”

For pretty much 100 years, Citizen watches have produced timepieces that seemingly fit and support lifestyles led by individuals all over the world.

Citizen’s original name, the Shokosha Watch Research Institute, started in 1918. Since then the organization has changed with the times, not merely just producing fine men’s and ladies’ watches, but diving watches, Eco-Drive watches and atomic watches too.

This watch evolution has generated Citizen as the world’s largest watchmaker, a title the business has held going back 24 years, based on its U.S. website.

Yet Citizen watches are not only found defined by the massive size of the worldwide timekeeping giant, but also by the manufacturer’s creativity and innovation.

Based on the company, Citizen watches were responsible for the world’s slimmest LCD watch as well as the first voice recognition watch.

Citizen watches also gave the world a look at the first professional dive watch by having an electric sensor in the event the company introduced it.

Citizen watches have been on the cutting edge in the worldwide shift to alternative energy and “green” technology. The organization is perhaps best known for the Eco-Drive collection of Citizen big faced time pieces and Citizen ladies’ watches that never need a disposable battery to power the movement within the watch.

“Fueled by light,” as the design line’s motto states, creates less refuse and much more usage out of the existing rechargeable power cell inside of the timepiece. A solar power, which is nearly invisible, that is certainly installed inside the watch underneath the dial is where the timepiece captures the light is subjected to and in turn is operated by.

Citizen Eco-Drive watches may be charged with exposure to both natural sunlight as well as any type of artificial light as well. For their entire lifetimes, Citizen Eco-Drive watches won’t ever require battery replacements.

=Citizen at4011-57l=

Featuring crystals made up of scratch-resistant mineral glass or nearly scratch-proof sapphire, bands and cases created from stainless steel, titanium or ceramics, the materials selected by Citizen watches are just as important to the company because the precision of timekeeping, chronograph detail and radio controlled accuracy as well.

Citizen’s latest entry into the marketplace is its Skyhawk A-T rc atomic-timekeeping flight chronograph. This model automatically synchronizes with atomic clocks all over the world, giving the wearer enough time in not only their time zone, however the time in all world timezones as well.

Citizen watches for ladies have no shortage of styles for girls as well. Whether it’s a bezel encrusted with diamonds or possibly a colored mother-of-pearl dial, Citizen women’s watches supply the wearer a specific a feeling of luxurious style. And style is not sacrificed internet marketing ecologically unfriendly either, specially in the Citizen watches for females.

Citizen dive watches also feature the Eco-drive technology for anyone wearers who desire a timepiece for aquatic usage. Citizen watches for divers feature 200-meter water proof and thick, extra-long rubberized straps that are designed to fit over wetsuits. Some Citizen diving watches even contain electric sensors, depth gauges and dive computers for even the most demanding users also.

According to Citizen, its name was chosen by its founding fathers because it wanted to be “close to the hearts of men and women everywhere.”

But for now, Citizen’s watches will continue to be created for placement on the wrist, which isn’t too far from the heart.